We are born gay

Brain imaging showed that in homosexual men and heterosexual women the right and left hemispheres of are the brain almost exactly the same size, whereas lesbians and straight men have asymmetrical brains, with the right hemisphere significantly larger than the left. The science itself often speaks in these simplistic terms, but people do not form such well defined blocs in their gender traits or their attraction to others — nor indeed in the gender they self-identify as. Scientific evidence says otherwise. The brains of gay and heterosexual people also appear to be organised differently. Welcome back Username Password Remember Me. You have been lied to America!

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No One Is Born Gay!


Less than 1 percent of the women were exclusively SSA, and both of these results were consistent across all the studies. The answer, they proposed in a paper published in The Quarterly Review of Biology , may instead lie in epigenetics — the study of the chemical changes that can alter how the genetic code is expressed, without changing the genetic code itself. Are gays and lesbians exclusively attracted to their own genders? She compares it to height, which is influenced by variants in thousands of genes, as well as the environment, and produces a distribution of people of different heights between the two extremes of very tall and the very short. Originally Published in July - Republishing today - March 17, with the added videos.

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The conclusion he drew from this was that there is hypothalamic structure difference for sexual orientation in men. They worry more about this than the consequences of choice or environmental explanations, which are not without risk either. The science of human sexuality, as with anything to do with our intriguing and sometimes infuriating species, is complex. Bonobos are well known to have sexual intercourse for pleasure other than just for reproduction, both with different or same sex partners. Other studies have not been in complete agreement with the findings of the Toronto group.

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