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Violence and Migration on the U. Turn backs form part of a broad initiative—with long historical roots but intensified currently — to prevent, deter, punish, and deny asylum seekers coming to the United States. Many are alone, or have casual migration partnerships of uncertain trustworthiness. It is likely that this underestimates the victimization specifically of Central Americans. There were also 10 minors in the group. Mexican agencies such as Grupo Beta meet large groups of deported Mexicans exiting from the United States and transport them to shelters, but it is unclear if they will do this for scattered non-Mexican individuals who have been turned away at the ports.

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Their study, the most systematic view of kidnapping in the border region and the migration process, found that seven percent of migrants reported being kidnapped or held against their will. The people we are concerned with have a credible fear that they seek to express to US border authorities. Mexico has a terrible problem of disappearances: Shelters themselves strive to meet basic needs, with considerable effort. Turn backs likewise occur in a context where the United States is seeking in negotiations with Mexico to have that country declared a safe third country.

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Presentation at POEs does not constitute a crime, though the entrant may be inadmissible depending on their documents. The turn back practice is an important part of current efforts to deny people legal access to asylum or to punish them for claiming it, particularly at the US-Mexico border. In any event, they can pursue their asylum claim in civil immigration courts, alongside the charge of inadmissibility. Turn backs indirectly produce family separation and whole or partial family detention. Date of Publication June 25,

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