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He's flamboyant, crossdresses, and campy but has shown interest in the opposite gender several times. Memetic rapper Lil B. Squishington from Bump in the Night has an astounding interest in cleanliness and comes off as a bit effeminate at times, but he is occasionally shown to be romantically interested in the Cute Dolls and he ends up reciprocating the Germ Girl's feelings for him in "Adventures in Microbia". Zarbon in Dragon Ball Z is a narcissistic pretty-boy, but never gets anywhere beyond Ambiguously Gay. Tachyon as an alien aristocrat dresses very flamboyantly and behaves similarly. I know my father, and his views are similar to mine:

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In he landed a recurring role on Ugly Betty. The Legend of Zelda: Gueermo from "Elementary School Musical" has a wife and child but he is very flamboyant, effeminate, and weak, he has a love of musicals and wants his son to be a singer instead of a basketball player, and is "abusive" to his wife which consists of lightly slapping. In A-gnosis comics about Greek mythology, Dionysos is this — he loves the color pink, wears earrings, and is more flamboyantly dressed than any goddess. Timmy's dad is married to Timmy's mom but he has no problems cross-dressing with a red dress, earrings, and lipstick and then entering the Miss Dimmsdale pageant and winning it while attempting to justify his entry into the contest on grounds that the pageant was sexist and that he believed that men could be just as beautiful as women. Rogue Trader Tobias Maxilla from Eisenhorn. When Do We Eat?

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However, the rainicorn Jake is in love with is Lady Rainicorn and he has five children with her. But he spends the entire game fretting over his childhood friend Nayru, the titular Oracle, and the manga adaptation makes it clear his interest in her is romantic. He's also a case of Face of an Angel, Mind of a Demon , as he's not only a German bishonen but also a devoted Nazi who works in one of their prison camps, where his lover tortures and murders the prisoners. He also has no problem cross dressing as he loved dressing up as the character Alice in the cross dressing contest and he has Ho Yay moments with Kanji and the protagonist, Yu Narukami. Harvest Moon Julius is one of these.

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