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I agree with you — your comments on each encounter were really, really interesting. They often break up, thinking that there is nothing they can do to fix their impasse. Thanks for sharing your experiences Jake, I think there is a lot to be said about gay men and intimacy, and I salute you for adding to that conversation! I had boring sex with boyfriends sometimes, just as I have boring sex with strangers sometimes. Guys always want it!

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Promiscuous Gay Nerd: What Makes Sex Good?


Does your self-titled promiscuity serve as a barrier to the intimacy you now realize makes good sex? During a break-up, the fear, risk and danger all heightens PEA, which makes couples enjoy ecstatic sex. Entries are ordered by date, but each partner is assigned a unique number. There is a lot going on here. LOL Self-actualizing, on the other hand… I would be interested to know how your conclusion about intimacy might shape your future encounters. Masculinity is written all over these discourses of gay sex, and yet they completely fail to account for what makes sex great in my life. My friend gathered a handful of gays together, poured some freshly brewed tea, and gave an hour-long PowerPoint presentation about the sex he had during the previous 12 months.

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Worst of all, sexual interest in each other partner wanes, for gay and straight alike. All this talk about socializing leads me to the more complicated stuff—the comments section! This gave the experience a particular meaning to me. But this is often not the case at all. So much to digest and consider here. Typically, one wants sex more than the other. The risk of transmission from an undetectable poz top and a neg bottom on PrEP is exceedingly low.

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