Gays wearing condoms

Get tested for STIs every three months. When emergency workers pull dead or injured people out of car crashes do they blame the victims for not wearing seat belts? Some of those strategies do not reduce the risk in any way; others may reduce the risk somewhat. For that reason it is important that you both get tested for STIs before you stop using condoms. HIV-positive gay and bisexual men run a risk of getting Hepatitis C if they go to group-sex parties or if they fist or fuck for long periods, both of which can lead to bleeding.

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Sex without condoms with your steady partner


In certain situations, it is possible to stop using condoms in steady relationships: This caution is based on mathematical modelling. That way you can exclude the possibility of getting STIs. In that case, you can still transmit STIs. Where can you go to get tested?

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Logic says, "Use condoms, you idiot! A few months later the woman's pregnant again. The risk is slight for each contact moment, but over the years a greater risk can arise. If yes, then you can stop using condoms with each other again. In short, the Dutch advice concerning fucking without condoms within steady relationships does not hold for those who are in open relationships.

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